What is low T?

Low Testosterone (also known as Hypogonadism) is a clinical condition in which low levels of testosterone are found in association with specific signs and symptoms. It can result from different causes, including chronic medical conditions, an imbalance in hormones from weight gain, certain medications, or as a natural process of aging. Long-term low testosterone levels can result in slower metabolism and weight gain, which in turn can worsen cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

It is best to place your confidence in medical providers with expertise in the identification and treatment of low testosterone. The founders of EveresT Men’s Health have over twenty years combined expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone. At EveresT, we will evaluate your symptoms and determine if you have low testosterone and whether testosterone replacement is right for you.

What are the benefits of Testosterone Replacement?

  • improved overall energy

  • improved physical strength and stamina

  • improved sex drive

  • improved mental clarity

  • improved motivation and productivity

  • improved mood

  • improved quality and depth of sleep

  • improved body composition, muscle mass, and strength

  • improved strength of erection

  • improved bone density

  • improved metabolism (increased insulin sensitivity), cardiovascular function

How can EveresT help?

EveresT is all about helping men achieve optimal health through proactive medicine.

Our mission is to become a recognized leader in men’s health care by helping patients achieve their best health possible. Through our comprehensive medical approach, we will start by addressing current health challenges and conditions, such as low T, but we will place emphasis on optimizing your physiological and physical health. As your energy improves, we will provide medical treatment and lifestyle guidance to push you to achieve your best health possible. We will monitor your health changes over time using clearly defined objectives seen in your repeat blood studies and changes in your body composition and physical fitness over time. At the heart of everything we do, we emphasize the importance of being an informed patient and will take the time to educate you and support you in all areas of your health!

Our Process

Medical Evaluation

Upon arrival, we will complete a comprehensive medical exam to identify your current health status.

Identify Deficiencies

After your medical evaluation, we will evaluate your current hormonal and other laboratory deficiencies, such as low T.

Lifestyle Program

Once we've identified any deficiencies, our team will develop a plan to correct and restore you to optimal health.