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EveresT Men’s Health is all about helping men achieve optimal health and wellness through proactive medicine and nutritional counseling. Whether you’re experiencing symptoms of low testosterone (low T); erectile dysfunction (ED); rapid weight gain; or unexplained tiredness, you’ll receive the help and guidance you need to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.  

About Our Plymouth Men’s Health Clinic

Located just 15 miles west of downtown Minneapolis, our Plymouth men’s health clinic offers personalized medical services and wellness programs, designed to treat a variety of men’s health issues that may be impacting your professional and personal life. Our men’s health services include:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Low testosterone is a clinical condition that may lead to low libido, decreased energy levels, depression, sleep apnea, and other serious health conditions. At EveresT, you’ll receive a comprehensive medical evaluation, so we can assess your hormone levels and identify any other factors that may be contributing to your low T symptoms. From there, we’ll design a customized plan to help correct and restore you back to better health.

Medical Weight Loss for Men

Are weekly trips to the gym no longer enough to maintain a healthy body weight or reduce the inches around your midsection? From tailored meal plans to regular health evaluations, we’ll help you increase your stamina, achieve your health goals, and enjoy more energy.

Why Choose EveresT Men’s Health?

When you visit EveresT Men’s Health’s Plymouth facility, you’ll receive a comprehensive medical examination, so we can accurately address your current health concerns. From there, we’ll identify any hormonal deficiencies and design a personalized treatment plan that works to improve your physiological and physical health. At EveresT, you’ll find the support, guidance, and medical experience you’re looking for. Trust us to help you restore energy and tackle any obstacles in your way.

Schedule a Consultation at the Plymouth Center

Ready to experience more energy? Contact our men’s health clinic in Plymouth to schedule a professional medical evaluation with one of our male health experts. Call today to receive a $50 testosterone check and body composition screening to help you start on the path to a brand new you. 

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