Lifestyle Tips for Your New Year

We’re early enough into the New Year that many people are still sticking to their resolutions – but perhaps finding it harder and harder to do so. Habits aren’t created overnight, and it’s easy to bite off too much change at once. Here are some practical tips from our men’s health clinic that can help you focus and prioritize positive changes to your health in the coming year:

  1. Use Variety as Motivation. In your meals and your workouts, make sure to maintain a good dose of variety – nothing kills a good habit like boredom. When you exercise, be sure to rotate through aerobic, strength, and flexibility workouts. Try something new like swimming laps or attending a yoga class. Similarly, healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. Counting calories isn’t nearly as important as making sure you’re getting a well-balanced meal that provides the energy and nutrients you need to thrive.
  2. Don’t Skimp on Sleep. Sleep is often sacrificed with the best of intentions. If you’re getting up earlier to hit the gym or pack a homemade lunch, make sure you aren’t doing it at the expense of a good night of sleep. Be aware of your current habits, too – you aren’t going to make the switch to being a “morning person” overnight, for example. Plan ahead to make your evening and morning routines as easy as possible, and try to minimize stress and screentime before going to bed. Sleep is incredibly important for male health!
  3. Find – and See – a Doctor. One of the best ways to take better care of yourself is also one of the least demanding. Unlike joining a gym or pledging to eat better, finding a doctor isn’t a daily task. Once you find a doctor you’re comfortable with, commit to seeing them at least once a year. Many men ignore their health when they aren’t feeling poorly, and can miss opportunities to be proactive and prevent future issues. Also, many men’s health issues are brushed off even when they do feel poorly. This year, if you don’t feel like yourself, don’t wait – talk to a men’s health doctor.

 Whether you’re in great health, concerned about your health, or noticing symptoms of low testosterone, EveresT Men’s Health Clinic is here to help. We look at male health holistically and provide proactive and reactive services that are tailored to your needs and your body. Let us help you achieve optimal physical and mental health. Contact our Minnesota men’s clinics today!