To Supplement or Not to Supplement

Many men will turn to an endless sea of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, or proprietary supplements in hopes of supporting better health and wellness. And they typically choose their supplements using only information that’s trending in popular news. There’s so much data propagated with newly released studies singing praises or debunking popular belief for many of these health promoting elixirs. This continuous stream of information can lead to outright confusion regarding if, when, and why someone should consider taking a specific supplement. 

Top 3 Considerations Before Buying a New Supplement

In the process of making decisions about supplements, there are a few important facts to consider first:

  1. Beware of overwhelming health claims that many supplement manufacturers promise—as they often make claims that are not supported by clinical research. In fact, the FDA does not require supplements to be tested through rigorous clinical trials to prove its safety and efficacy. Further, without FDA regulation, rigorous dosing standardization requirements do not exist, and therefore, the consumer is left to hold blind trust on the quality of supplements being purchased.

  2. While supplements remain without regulation, be sure to investigate the manufacturer. At EveresT Men’s Health, we believe if a person has interest in pursuing supplementation, it’s best practice to pursue a pharmaceutical-grade supplement company that elects to implement its own dosing standardization to ensure the quality of their products.

  3. A further differentiator between pharmaceutical-grade supplements versus standard retail formulations is the selected dosing. Many over-the-counter retail supplements may follow RDA (recommended dietary allowance) guidelines, established in the early part of the twentieth century. RDA determines dosing to prevent outright deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. Today’s pharmaceutical-grade nutrient dosing is significantly higher than those established on RDA recommendations. With the exception of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K), the risk of toxicity is typically minimal with pharmaceutical-grade dosing. 

Many—through interest in obtaining better health and wellness—will spend significant amounts of money on a variety of supplements. We recommend that if you have questions, you first seek a knowledgeable men’s health care provider to review and discuss supplements of interest.

Often times, it’s observed that patients taking several supplements will unknowingly be taking things redundantly or in a manner that may not be indicated. Remember, there’s value for knowledgeably directed supplements to address many men’s health issues and conditions, but they should be directed by someone knowledgeable. 

EveresT Men’s Health Recommendations for Supplementations

Focusing on a recommendation for general supplements that have broad spectrum health influences, we suggest the following:

  • A pharmaceutical-grade multivitamin will provide a compound of essential vitamins and nutrients to support body functions. The body will utilize elements not picked up through nutrition and excrete the rest.

  • A great source of Omega-3 fatty acids is a good supplement to consider, as it is commonly deficient in the standard American diet. This can be found in a good quality Cod Liver Oil (oral or encapsulated) or Flax Seed Oil (as a vegetarian option). Many hear of the health benefits of eating fish due to the concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids, yet increasingly the store sold fish is farm raised, which are high in Omega-6 fatty acids and low in Omega-3 fatty acids, so be sure to identify if your store bought fish is farm raised or wild caught. 

  • Finally, having your Vitamin D level checked by a men’s medical provider and supplemented, if low, is a good general recommendation. 

For additional supplements, you’ll want to discuss your men’s health issues and concerns with a knowledgeable medical provider to determine if a condition-specific supplement is worth considering. To learn more, schedule an appointment with EveresT Men’s Health today. We offer two convenient locations in Plymouth and Woodbury and will help guide you throughout your journey to better health and better living.