Food is Medicine: How Proper Nutrition Supports Men’s Health Care

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, is credited with this philosophical quote that recognizes the central role of proper nutrition to support balanced health. 


Although this theory has been passed down by generations, the impact of proper nutrition holds greater importance today than it did back then, as many of the chronic diseases facing men’s health care are commonly attributed to nutritional excesses. For many men, it is simple to accept that they could improve their health by changing their eating habits. Yet, in the age of information, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the volumes of information that make it increasingly difficult to discern which foods offer the most nutritional value to support a healthy weight for men.


As you age, your most valuable asset is your physical health, as it is directly correlated with your quality of life and your ability to fully engage in the new adventures that life has to offer. At EveresT Men’s Health, our mission is to help men achieve their best energy and health, both mentally and physically, through proactive medicine and individual lifestyle programs.


When you choose to visit our men’s health clinic in Minneapolis or St. Paul, you will begin to experience improvements in your energy, as we invite you into a discovery process of the changes that you can make to achieve and maintain optimal health in the years ahead. Central to your success is finding a men’s health care approach that you can control to create a weight management plan that is sustainable to your lifestyle and needs. We advise against following fad diets for men, as these approaches typically yield short-term gains, but more often than not, result in a return of weight gain when discontinued.


At EveresT, our male health experts will help you explore evidence-based nutritional research for supporting good health and understand the importance of whole foods, the positive influences of high protein to stimulate improved metabolism, and the benefits of better blood sugar control. Additionally, our men’s clinic will educate you on the importance of minimizing refined carbohydrates and simple sugars in your diet, as these can have negative influences on the body.    


As our men’s health clinic helps you improve energy through optimization of hormonal and vitamin deficits, we will also encourage you to engage in regular, regimented physical exercise to achieve a higher energy output.  And as your energy rises, we look forward to providing you the tools for improving your energy input (better nutrition) as the balance between the two components will empower you to maintain higher vitality and also support you in directing a better, healthier future. 


Ready to improve energy and start on the path to a healthier you? Contact EveresT Men’s Health Clinic at one of our Twin Cities locations.