The Importance of Balance, Proactivity, and Expert Guidance

The New Year is a good reminder to assess various aspects of our lives and identify what we want to improve. Diets and exercise feature heavily in most people’s New Year Resolutions, but these aren’t the only ways to lead a healthier life. In 2018, consider the importance of balance – monitoring your health and modifying habits or medication as needed to achieve your goals under a guided, holistic plan. 

EveresT Men’s Health Clinic is here to help 2018 be a year where you get closer to your optimal mental and physical health. A key way to stay on top of your wellbeing is to work with a men’s health center to make sure that your hormone, vitamin, and blood levels are at the right numbers. Whether as a proactive or reactive measure, regular consultations and check-ins are a vital part of staying healthy.

A recent survey showed that well over half of men do not seek a doctor’s care proactively – it takes a major medical issue to bring them to a clinic on their own accord. Living a healthy lifestyle is an excellent goal, but one that is best supported by regular doctor visits. Our men’s clinic can help create a custom plan for your health, run tests to ensure that the habits you’re building are reflected in your health, and catch any illnesses or conditions early on for the best chance of success in treatment. 

At EveresT, we perform comprehensive exams for male health to create a complete picture, including:

  • Testosterone Levels
  • Key Vitamin Levels
  • Blood Levels and Indicators
  • Body Composition Measurements 
  • And More

Once we have your results, our men’s health doctors work with you to build a personalized plan that addresses any concerns and helps you live an improved life.

Ready to make 2018 your healthiest year yet? Contact EveresT Men’s Health Clinic at one of our Twin Cities locations.